The Origin Brand has a vision to intermingle the power of screenprinting and design with philanthropy, to give customers a custom handcrafted experience while planting seeds with our proceeds. Below we outline how your donation will be used. 

We live and thrive by three pillars.

Pillar One: We will work with non-profits and other charitable organizations to bring them a discounted printing rate, and in some cases completely donate the apparel and printing/embroidery service. 

Pillar Two: We will fund scholarships through  #t-shirts4travel so currently enrolled students can apply their monies towards any portion of their Travel (Ie. flight, luggage, passport, etc..)

Click here: to learn more about our scholarship.

Pillar Three: We will sponsor a school in a developing country and completely donate school uniforms, with custom logos and graphics. We will implement apparel that gives the students and staff pride to wear.